Life-saving first aid with our frontline crew

Our community mission

Every year approximately 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest whilst at home, work or play. Only about 40% of these receive any form of bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) before the arrival of the ambulance service and less than 20% have a defibrillator deployed before emergency services arrive.

Early bystander CPR trebles the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. Coupled with the early use of a defibrillator this can improve survival to between 40-70%. East Anglian Air Ambulance always has the interest of the patient at its heart and that is why our ongoing vision is to minimise trauma in the community by providing life-saving first aid skills to as many people as possible in East Anglia. We are also not the only provider of first aid training in the community; St Johns Ambulance, British Heart Foundation and Red Cross are just a few of the local charities which also offer the service.

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