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Kerry’s Story – The car flipped onto its roof and skidded.

On Sunday 12 October 2003 eighteen year old Kerry was out with a group of her friends driving from Mattishall to Yaxham. There was just her and a friend in her car. She was driving too fast for an upcoming bend and the next thing she remembers is coming round gripping the steering wheel, upside-down being kept upright by her seatbelt, with the taste of dirt in her mouth. She also remembers that she was missing a shoe. Kerry had hit a drainage ditch, flipped the car onto its roof and skidded.

The passenger had by this time pulled herself out of the car and had escaped the crash with just a small cut on her arm that required three stitches.

Behind Kerry on the road was a funeral procession on the way from the funeral to the wake, and they stopped to help. Kerry could see petrol dripping from the car at this point so she tried to climb out of the car and managed to get halfway out of the window, but some of the passers by who had stopped prevented her from getting out of the car, worried she may have a spinal injury.

Kerry was losing an awful lot of blood at the scene, and speed was of the essence; the quick transfer from the accident site to the hospital was crucial in her recovery.

Kerry’s dad

The emergency services were called and the police, fire brigade and land ambulance attended. A fireman got into the car with Kerry and helped her out and she was loaded onto a stretcher. By this point the air ambulance had arrived and Kerry was put onto a trolley and taken across a field to the helicopter. The worst injury was to her arm – it was de-gloved and she was losing a lot of blood. The crew attended to her wound to help stop the bleeding and gave Kerry morphine for the pain, and then loaded her into the helicopter and flew her to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.

When in hospital Kerry was assessed and was found to have sustained a friction burn from the seatbelt and her injury to her right arm – incredibly nothing was broken, but she would need several skin grafts.

Kerry was in hospital for two and a half weeks and had four skin grafts using skin taken from her right leg. She was home for a week and a half, being looked after by her mum, and then had to go back to hospital for a further skin graft. She had to keep going back to plastic surgery clinics for check ups and to her doctor’s surgery to have dressings changed, but she was out of hospital and on the road to recovery.

Kerry had just started a new job when the accident happened and didn’t feel it was fair to be off for so long keeping them waiting, so she left that job and once recovered started temping. This year she has opened her own bakery business making incredible cakes for weddings and birthdays. What she learned from the experience was firstly not to drive so fast, and secondly that life is short and to live it to the fullest.

Kerry is so grateful for the part we played in her rescue. Her dad was told at the scene that she was losing an awful lot of blood and speed was of the essence, so having such a quick transfer from the accident site to the hospital was crucial in her recovery.

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