Meet Luke Morgan

Crew story

Luke Morgan

This is Luke’s second stint as crew with the charity, having flown here before when head of flight operations at Sterling Aviation, when he helped set up the EAAA operation at Cambridge Airport.

Luke left a position in the Caribbean where he was Chief Pilot for the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, to join us here at Norwich.  “I couldn’t turn down this unique opportunity to work for such a vital charity.  Knowing we are making a real difference was worth giving up endless sunshine for!”

Luke adds enormous experience to our team. He is a former Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm pilot, instructor and examiner, and has flown just about everything from Boeing 767s to tiny Jet Rangers.  He has covered almost every possible flying role, from landing on warships to sports event filming for the BBC.

This vast flying experience means amongst other things he is well versed in multi-pilot operations, and has made a significant contribution to the continued development of this new aspect of our flying.

Luke acutely appreciates the fantastic support given by the local community to provide the country’s best Air Ambulance service. ‘I am fortunate to work with a great bunch of people.  I can’t think of any job with such a diverse workforce – charity, aviation and medical staff – working together to provide the best possible outcome for our patients.  It all makes for enormous job satisfaction.’

His main objective within the crew is to deliver the medical team in a safe and efficient manner to any incident.

‘As pilots, we must primarily focus on the aviation task, while being as helpful as possible to the medical team.  We never know exactly what we’ll be faced with.  Sometimes we need to land in built-up areas so one of our skills is making a good judgement on this.   We don’t want to pebble-dash someone’s new BMW!’

‘Skilled flying along with excellent knowledge of the helicopter’s capabilities and aviation rules, means we can deliver the best possible service.’

Luke is a determined member of the crew, popular with the team, with a dry sense of humour and straight talking approach.

In his spare time, he’s a passionate cyclist and keen golfer. He lives in Aylsham with his wife Sarah – they are looking forward to their 25th wedding anniversary in April.  They have two sons, Ted and Finn, who live and work in Norwich.