Donations of items to help us raise money are always gratefully received.

Although we don’t operate charity shops we work with a range of organisations at different times of the year that help support us, selling Christmas cards for example. We also collect foreign currency and other items for recycling including printer cartridges, old mobile phones, and stamps.

We also frequently collect bottles for our bottle tombolas or other new items that can be used as quality raffle prizes.

If you think you can help us in this way, please contact your local fundraising office:






World UK Trading Ltd have previously supported us with the collection of clothing bags. However, they may no longer be collecting in your area. Please contact your local office before putting bags out in your area.

Thank-you in advance for supporting EAAA with your donation.


Your unwanted foreign currency can make a huge difference to us.

Our fundraisers work with an organisation called Cash4Coins to collect unwanted foreign currency.  If you have ever come home from holiday with some loose change, thinking you might use it the next time you go abroad, but in fact it simply ends up in the back of a drawer then why not donate it to us?

You may see our collection boxes around the region including in local banks, but you can also contact one of our fundraising teams to discuss donating any unwanted foreign currency.